Leah Casselman

I can remember finding a Brownie in the seat of the hat stand before Christmas and being so disappointed that I knew what my present was on Christmas morning. I soon got over that. I have had an interest in photography ever since but haven’t always been able to keep it going. When travelling I always have a camera with me and remember going through and developing 25 rolls from a two week trip to Costa Rica and was not excited about this new change to memory cards and being able to immediately see what you have created. It some how seemed like cheating and I wish now I had gotten more training in the use of cameras before this change over. Now I quite like the instant feedback. It really helps when you are traveling and are unlikely to return to try and recapture that ‘one great shot’. I feel very lucky to have been invited into Group ThirtyOne by Rolph King. The breadth of knowledge and graciousness of sharing has really helped me focus and recommit to improving my photographs.
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