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Andie Parton When Andie retired from her medical technology job and picked up her first camera, it was passion at first click, and with that, she no longer just looks, she sees! Now she doesn’t ever check the weather, she only checks the light. She roams the countryside on her bicycle, camera on her neck, chasing the beauty everywhere. Her photos have taken first place awards at Rockton Fair and illustrate the pages of several publications. She has recently set up a home studio for portrait photography, another passion to master. Andie has 3 kids and 4 grandkids, all of whom require bribery and coercion to sit for their sessions. They do however love the gorgeous results. Andie lives with her partner Steve in the village of West Flamborough, where they wander the trails of Christie’s with their black labs, and, yes, she takes her camera. You may find glimpses of wagging tails hiding in some of her best nature shots.
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